Our Mission: To live as a loving family of faith in the Kingdom of God. Our Vision: We are the Body of Christ serving God and each other.

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Discipleship News


The Welcoming Team will serve as greeters before each weekend Mass. The goal of this ministry is to make every person feel welcome as they come to Mass. Some volunteers will be asked to stand outside to open the doors for people as they approach our Church. Others will be in the Narthex to greet each person, to familiarize people with the facility as needed (restrooms, cry room, elevator).  This role requires a commitment of 30 minutes before Mass. Each Mass will need 4-6 volunteers.

The Parish Support Team will serve after Mass to answer questions from visitors and parishioners. These volunteers will help newcomers with questions about our parish, as well as assist with parish and religious education registrations. Additional duties will include fulfilling requests for Mass intentions and answering questions about the various ministries within the parish. This role requires a commitment of 20-30 minutes after Mass. Each Mass will need 1-2 volunteers.

Each member of these teams should be friendly, gracious, and always have a smile on his/her face!



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