Our Mission: To live as a loving family of faith in the Kingdom of God. Our Vision: We are the Body of Christ serving God and each other.

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High School






Saint Gabriel’s LIFE TEEN invites HIGH SCHOOL students in grades nine through twelve. The group meets on Sundays from 11:45 am - 2:00 pm. Life Night themes include our Catholic faith, current issues facing our teens today, and social nights. An adult CORE TEAM plans the nights to help teens learn about their faith in a manner that helps them to live it out in daily life. We have a TEEN CORE TEAM made up of confirmed peer leaders who help plan and present the program as witnesses to our faith.





It's fun to learn about your faith with your friends. During the academic year, weekly LIFE NIGHT classes are offered for high schoolers. Our hope is that every Life Night offers an inviting and welcoming time to come together to learn more about your Catholic faith and God’s plan for you, to build relationships with and be a part of your faith community, to be challenged to go deeper in your relationship with God, using the faith tools of prayer, scripture, study, and receiving the sacraments together shared in a spirit of love, fellowship and charity.


We have an amazing group of adult volunteers as well as high school volunteers who help make the program what it is.  These extraordinary men, women and young people help journey with our teens through their faith life and guide them through it all.


We offer a FALL KICKOFF RETREAT every year for all 9th thru 12th graders. Why? To play hard and pray hard! Because we know that you need a chance to get away from the dramas of ordinary life and spend a few days together getting to know each other in your faith community and getting to know God better through prayer, activities, and conversation.
We also offer as a part of the Confirmation Track the additional, required CONFIRMATION RETREAT for teens receiving your Confirmation that year. This retreat is a necessary and enriching part of your sacramental preparation.


Saint Gabriel’s LIFETEEN Program includes a track for preparation for the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation.  Please attend our scheduled parent meeting night to receive all the information first hand and as well as an opportunity to answer any questions you may have.
The Confirmation track gives you the chance to delve deeper into your faith and the sacraments, to enrich your prayer life, to study scripture, to understand yourselves and each other as part of God’s plan, and to study the graces, fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit as received within the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation.
This program follows the catechetical requirements outlined by the Archdiocese of Atlanta. There are 4 components to complete:
  1. Attendance in a catechetical program for at least two years prior to enrollment in the Confirmation program or attend a Catholic school for one year before enrollment.
  2. Completion of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.
  3. Participation in separate Confirmation classes held on campus offered over the course of the Confirmation year.
  4. Attendance at the Confirmation Retreat specifically planned for confirmation candidates and held the year they are to receive Confirmation.
RCIT is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Teens who have missed receiving the sacraments that are age/grade appropriate. This group meets in separate class sessions than LIFETEEN to prepare students to be “caught up” once they are ready.