Spiritual Life

This commission is dedicated to enhancing the experience of our faith within the parish
We help to bring people into relationship with our Catholic faith and tradition
through initial and ongoing conversion. We provide programs and opportunities that offer everyone the occasion to experience our Catholic faith.
Chairperson: Donna Coleman    (770) 460-1585
Stewardship needs: An interest in furthering your faith journey. Cursillo is a renewal movement for spiritual growth and ministry in one’s parish and family. Ultreya is an occasion for Cursillo groups to meet for spiritual growth and fellowship.
Time: Cursillo is a three-day weekend Catholic retreat.
Talent: A desire to pray, share and witness together.
Contact: Donna Coleman    (770) 460-1585
Stewardship needs: Come spend some time with our Lord as the Holy Sacrament is displayed for adoration Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm.  A sign-up sheet can be found in the Narthex on the Welcome Center.
Time: Spend an hour or as much time as you would like.
Talent: A desire to spend time in prayer and contemplation with our Lord.
Contact: David Slasinski    (770) 461-6190
Stewardship needs: To promote the Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress in June.
Time: In May and June, to encourage parishioners to go to or volunteer at the Eucharistic Congress.
Talent: Willingness to find out more about our faith and how other people have found more meaning in their Catholic faith.
Contact: Donna Coleman    (770) 460-1585
Stewardship needs: A calling to respect all humans and to organize and work for their protection, especially for those who are unborn, disabled, elderly and dying. Human life is a precious gift from God.
 Time: Throughout the year, pray and participate in activities.
Talent: Love and the strong committed desire to stand up for the persecuted children of God. The power of prayer is awesome from home or on site somewhere. This is your opportunity. We keep you informed.
Contact: Janet Manson    (770) 461-0310